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Agreement between Google, Yahoo and MSN: Born OpenSocial Foundation

Published: March 27, 2008. Last Edit: May 21, 2008.

With a press Yahoo, MSN and Google have announced the day before yesterday (March 25) the formation of the OpenSocial Foundation, a foundation whose goal is to ensure the neutrality and longevity of OpenSocial.

The foundation is a non-profit and independent entity that will provide transparency and operational guidelines on technology, documentation, intellectual property, and any other matter relating to the evolution of the OpenSocial platform.

The foundation's website, , will provide the community with all the information on OpenSocial (the developers will be able to find on the website the latest specifications and links to other resources) and on the foundation.

The engineers of Google, MSN and Yahoo will continue to work together and with the OpenSocial community to take forward the specific through the foundation. All specifications are available under creative commons license.

OpenSocial is a set of APIs introduced by Google in November 2007. Using these APIs, you can create web applications that can interact with all the social networks that support them. Before the introduction of OpenSocial if you created an application that can interact with a social network and then decided to use the same application with another social network was necessary to rewrite the application in order to make it interact with the new social network. Instead using the OpenSocial APIs to write an application that application will be able to interact with all the social networks that support OpenSocial without rewriting the application.

Google had made ​​available the resources of OpenSocial at this address , the resources that are now available on the new website of the OpenSocial Foundation .

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