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Archive of the Month: August 2008

Announced the release of Android SDK 0.9 beta

Posted: 30 August 2008 by admin

On 18 August it was announced the release of Android SDK version 0.9 beta.
Android is the first open platform for mobile devices, includes an operating system, middleware and key applications.
Android was developed by the Open Handset Alliance, a group of over 30 technology companies headed by Google.
This beta version of Android [...]

Released Internet Explorer 8 beta 2

Posted: 28 August 2008 by admin

Microsoft released on 27 August the second beta of Internet Explorer 8 in agreement with predictions that spoke of a release for the month of August.
In the second beta, Microsoft has worked primarily on three themes: everyday browsing, security and platform.
Regarding the first issue of the news in this second beta [...]

Sun releases the Light-Weight UI Toolkit for Java ME

Posted: 25 August 2008 by admin

Sun has issued on 14 August LWUIT (Light-Weight UI Toolkit), a library UI (User Interface Library, library of user interface) for the development of user interfaces on mobile devices.
Java ME has become the most widely used platform for applications that run on mobile devices. There may however be difficult to write programs for devices [...]

Released version of the Linux Kernel

Posted: 22 August 2008 by admin

It was released two days ago (20 August) version of the Linux Kernel, the latest stable Linux Kernel.
You can download the new version from this address: Linux Kernel (47.2 MB).
The Changelog is here.

Google Phone is coming

Posted: 20 August 2008 by admin

Googlephone, labeled Google the phone, it seems in the pipeline. After so many expectations it seems the right time arrived for the debut of the mobile home of Google.
As reported by the New York Times on the phone could be available in the U.S. market in October and then subsequently be available for the European market. T-Mobile will be the first operator [...]

Released the OpenGL 3.0 specification

Posted: by admin

On 11 August the Khronos Group announced the release of the OpenGL 3.0 specification.
OpenGL 3.0 includes GLSL 1.30, a new version of the OpenGL shading language, and provides full access to the functionality of the latest generations of programmable graphics hardware.
You have defined a set of extensions that define new features for the next version of OpenGL, [...]

OpenSceneGraph 2.6 Released

Posted: 19 August 2008 by admin

On 5 August has been announced the release of version 2.6 of OpenSceneGraph, 3D graphics toolkit.
OpenSceneGraph is written in C + + and OpenGL versions and are available for major operating systems.
OpenSceneGraph is open source, the source code can be copied, modified and used for commercial purposes and not commercial.
For now it is possible [...]

PHP4, released the latest version

Posted: by admin

On 7 August the PHP Development Team has announced the release of version 4.4.9 of PHP, the latest in PHP4.
With this version ends thus supporting PHP4, introduced in 2000.
There is no other way that go to his successor, PHP5, introduced in 2004 and whose latest release is version 5.2.6. To further boost [...]

Released Scientific Linux 5.2 Live CD / DVD

Posted: 18 August 2008 by admin

Announced last week the issue dell'edizione Live CD / DVD Scientific Linux 5.2.
Scientific Linux is a Linux distribution based on Red Hat and containing software developed for scientific use by Fermilab, CERN and from other laboratories and universities scattered around the world.
The version of Scientific Linux 5.2 was released at the end of [...]

Windows 7 official blog open

Posted: by admin

Already announced by Bill Gates and Vice Chairman of Microsoft Bill Veghte, arriving for late 2009 or early 2010, Windows 7, codenamed "Windows Vienna" has a few days his official blog.
The blog will talk about the latest news from the new version of Windows and will be cared for by [...]