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Stock of the Month: July 2009

Firefox, a billion downloads

Published: July 31, 2009 by admin

The Company expects that wanted to reach a billion by today's download Firefox. At this time have been made a billion and 15 280 (1000015280) download. Are considered in the count downloads of Firefox, any version, since 2004, are not considered automatic downloads made by the browser. According to the calculations today was [...]

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In Europe you can not upgrade from Vista to Windows 7

Posted: on, by admin

For European users of Windows Vista will not be able to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7, Windows 7 and will need to install from scratch. This second reported this blog post Microsoft. Upgrades from Windows to Windows Vista N, K Windows, Windows KN, or Windows and are not supported The problem is [...]

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Firefox one step at a height of 1 billion downloads

Posted: on, by admin

Firefox is one step away from reaching an altitude of 1 billion downloads. At this time were made 999,935,615 Firefox downloads. The number of downloads can also be followed on the appropriate account twitter: / FirefoxCounter. Mozilla hopes to reach 1 billion by the figure of the day today. According to the Firefox Download Guesstimator the [...]

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Gnome 2.27.5 Released

Posted: on, by admin

Announced yesterday the release of Gnome 2.27.5. The release notes are available on the following pages: platform, desktop, admin, bindings, devtools. Download is possible from these pages: platform, desktop, admin, bindings, devtools. To compile GNOME 2.27.5, you can use and jhbuild modulesets. This version although you can compile and use has been designed especially [...]

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Released version of the Linux Kernel

Posted: on, by admin

It was announced yesterday the release of version of the Linux Kernel, the latest stable version of the Linux Kernel. You can download the new version from here: linux- (56.7 MB). The Changelog is here. What's new in this version of this page.

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June 2009, Google remains the most used search engine

Published: July 30, 2009 by admin

Google continues to be the most used search engine in the U.S.. According to the analysis of Comscore in June 65% of web searches are done through Google, same percentage as in May, Yahoo is still in second place with 19.6% of searches, since a decrease of 0.5% compared to May, to follow [...]

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Firefox 4, the first screenshot

Posted: on, by admin

Published on the Mozilla wiki for some screenshots of Firefox 4.0. Mozilla warns that it is not yet the final version, but still serve to give an idea of ​​what could be. Previously been published on the next versipne some screenshots of Firefox, 3.7.

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Microsoft profit down 29%

Published: July 29, 2009 by admin

Microsoft closes in the red in 2009. With the closing of the fiscal fourth quarter earnings reached in 2009 came to 3.05 billion dollars, as much as 29% less than last year. Sales in 2009 totaled about 13.10 billion U.S. dollars, down 17% over the previous year. These results [...]

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Windows 7, the browser will be chosen

Published: July 28, 2009 by admin

In the long-arm sees as opposed to the European Commission on the inclusion of Internet Explorer in Windows 7, Microsoft has put forward a new proposal is now before the Commission. The proposal provides that in Microsoft's Windows 7 copies sold in Europe there is a "ballot screen" through which [...]

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Bill Gates closes his Facebook profile

Published: July 27, 2009 by admin

On a visit to India, where he received the Indira Gandhi Prize, during the press conference, Microsoft founder said he shut down his profile on Facebook, the popular social network. It was too much of the time it takes to be able to manage his / her profile. "There were about 10,000 people waiting to become my [...]

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