Martedi 22 Maggio 2012

Nuovo aggiornamento rilasciato da Google per il canale Dev del suo browser Chrome, per sistemi Windows, Linux e Mac OS X

The Dev channel has been updated to 21.0.1145.0 for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms


  • Updated V8 -
  • Allow certain unused renderer processes to exit before the tab is closed. (Issue: 126333)  
  • Fix password autofill to work again for Incognito windows (Issue: 117720)
  • Prevent an infinite loop inside SSLClientSocketNSS::OnSendComplete. This has been observed in Chrome OS, but could also happen on other platforms. (Issue: 127822)

Known Issues

  • In bookmark bubble unable to edit the name and select the sub folder from drop down (Issue: 128612)
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