Lunedi 06 Agosto 2012

Oracle ha rilasciato una nuova versione del suo RDBMS MySQL

MySQL 5.5.27 is a new version of the 5.5 production release ofthe world's most popular open source database. MySQL 5.5.27 is recommended for use on production systems.
MySQL 5.5 includes several high-impact enhancements to improve the performance and scalability of the MySQL Database, taking advantage of the latest multi-CPU and multi-core hardware and operating systems. In addition, with release 5.5, InnoDB is now the default storage engine for the MySQL Database, delivering ACID transactions, referential integrity and crash recovery by default.

MySQL 5.5 also provides a number of additional enhancements including:
  • Significantly improved performance on Windows, with various Windows specific features and improvements
  • Higher availability, with new semi-synchronous replication and Replication Heart Beat
  • Improved usability, with Improved index and table partitioning, SIGNAL/RESIGNAL support and enhanced diagnostics, including a new Performance Schema monitoring capability.
Functionality Added or Changed:

Important Change: The YEAR(2) data type is now deprecated because it is problematic. Support for YEAR(2) will be removed in a future release of MySQL. For more information, see YEAR(2) Limitations and Migrating to YEAR(4) (

Bugs Fixed:
  • InnoDB: An assertion could be raised if an InnoDB table was moved to a different database using ALTER TABLE ... RENAME while the database was being dropped by DROP DATABASE. (Bug #13982017)
  • Sessions could end up deadlocked when executing a combination of SELECT, DROP TABLE, KILL, and SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS. (Bug #60682, Bug #12636001)
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