Giovedi 23 Dicembre 2010

Rilasciata Mandriva Linux 2010.2. Download a partire da questa pagina, o direttamente da questi link
mandriva-one-2010.2-KDE-i586.iso (692 MB),
mandriva-one-2010.2-GNOME-i586.iso (703 MB),
mandriva-linux-free-2010.2-i586.iso (3860 MB),
mandriva-linux-free-2010.2-x86_64.iso (3868 MB).

Mandriva 2010.2 is an incremental update on top of Mandriva 2010.1, incorporating all the security and bugfix updates since its release.

Just to give you some statistics about what changes in 2010.2 when comparing to 2010 Spring (also known as 2010.1), these are some of the numbers.

Since the 2010.1 release, the secteam has released a total of 5055 RPMs via official updates, counting both security and bugfix advisories, across 272 different packages.

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