Mercoledi 05 Gennaio 2011

Rilasciata la versione 7.0 di Drupal, cms open source scritto in php

Drupal 7 is a truly revolutionary release that saw both the size and diversity of our contributor community grow exponentially. Through the formation of and strong coordination among the Usability, Accessibility, and Design teams, Drupal 7 addresses a number of our project’s longest-standing limitations and opens up access for more people to enjoy the strong web publishing framework we have all come to love.
  • Vastly improved administrative user interface thanks to the D7UX movement
  • Flexible content and custom fields
  • Better visual presentation and theming with Render API
  • Accessibility is greatly improved
  • Image support is now included
  • Automated code testing
  • Improved database support
  • Better distribution support
  • Support for the Semantic Web through RDFa markup
  • Over 850 Drupal 7 contributed modules have met their #d7cx pledges.

La documentazione relativa alle api è disponibile a questa pagina, il download è possibile da questa pagina o direttamente da questo link:, altre informazioni sono disponibili a questa pagina, note di rilascio disponibili a questa pagina.

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