Sabato 22 Gennaio 2011

Rilasciata la prima beta di Scientific Linux 6.

*OpenAFS fixed* The selinux openafs problem has been fixed.
*SL_password_for_singleuser fixed* The mechanism to enforce password authentication has changed, that's now configured in /etc/sysconfig/init. This update reflects that change.
*Compiled packages against TUV packages* We have finished the check of our packages against TUV packages. We check files, permissions, scripts, requires, depends, and a few other checks. When there was a discrepancy we rebuilt our package using different parameters to match TUV packages.

Download da questa pagina, o direttamente da questi link

SL-6-i386-2011-01-21-DVD1.iso (4.264MB),
SL-6-x86_64-2011-01-21-DVD1.iso (4.190MB).

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