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Lunedi 14 Maggio 2012     

Rilasciato un aggiornamento di SystemRescueCd, LiveCD basato sulla distribuzione Linux Gentoo che dispone di numerosi strumenti utili per la riparazione del sistema, per recuperare dati dopo un crash di sistema, per gestire le partizioni, per la creazione di immagini di singole partizioni o di intere unità.

  • Updated standard kernels to Long-Term-Supported linux-3.2.16 (rescuecd + rescue64)
  • Updated alternative kernels to latest stable: linux-3.3.5 (altker32 + altker64)
  • Updated btrfs-progs from Fedora 17 sources (btrfs-progs-0.19-19.fc17)
  • Updated xfs filesystem tools: xfsprogs-3.1.8 and xfsdump-3.1.0
  • Updated system packages: gcc-4.4.7, openrc-, portage-
  • Updated OpenSSH to 5.9_p1-r4 and partclone to 0.2.47
  • Added debian and redhat package management tools (dpkg, debootstrap, rpm)
  • Updated sysresccd-pkgstats script to avoid warnings
  • Updated list of graphical programs used by sysresccd-cleansys
  • Removed GObject introspection data to save space

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Venerdi 09 Marzo 2012     

Annunciato il rilascio di Linux Mint 12 "LXDE" edition

The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 12 LXDE.

Linux Mint 12 LXDE comes with updated software and brings refinements and new features to make your desktop even more comfortable to use.


This edition features the fast and lightweight LXDE desktop.

Hybrid ISO images

This is the first release of Linux Mint using Hybrid ISO images. Traditionally, tools such as 'Startup Disk Creator' or 'UNetbootin' were needed to install Linux Mint via USB. With hybrid images, you can simply use the "dd" command or a graphical frontend to make a bootable USB stick with no efforts which acts exactly like a liveDVD.
  • The resulting USB stick will act exactly like a liveCD/DVD
  • The process is fast and simple
  • Hybrid ISOs are still compatible with Unetbootin and Startup Disk Creator
  • This method deletes all the data present on the USB drive
  • The USB stick isn't persistent (though you can still use Unetbootin to do this)

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Mercoledi 07 Marzo 2012     

Presentata al CeBIT 2012 in corso ad Hannover dal suo creatore Klaus Knopper la nuova versione della distribuzione linux (LiveCD/LiveDVD) Knoppix, Knoppix 7.0.

New in version 7.0
  • Version 7.0 of Knoppix is based on the usual picks from Debian stable (squeeze) and testing (wheezy), with newer package versions especially for desktop applications. It uses kernel 3.2.4 and xorg 7.6 (core for supporting current computer
  • experimental free  Nouveau graphics modules supporting NVidia cards, accelerated graphics via kernel mode settings (KMS),
  • LibreOffice 3.4.5,
  • Chromium 16.0.912.77 and Firefox/Iceweasel 10.0 Web Browser,
  • Optional 64-bit Kernel via boot option "knoppix64", supporting systems with more than 4GB of RAM and chroot to 64-bit installations for system rescue tasks (DVD version only).
  • Boot option "grub", for starting a bootloader shell in system rescue tasks.
  • ADRIANE: Version 1.4 of the audio desktop framework, now using cuneiform as engine for text recognition of scanned texts, enhanced support for several cellphone models via gammu (SMS function).
  • Viacam  for controlling the mouse cursor by movement of head or hand using the builtin webcam.

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Giovedi 16 Febbraio 2012     

Rilasciata la versione 6.2 di Scientific Linux

Differences from SL6.1

Added the Scientific Linux install classes
DVD installs do not ask for the network unless needed

Updated to version 1.6.0-97.z2.sl6
This packages includes a patch to disable NAT pings to avoid a race condition

livecd-tools, liveusb-creator
Updated from upstream to version 13.4
Added support for SL 6.2

Changed to recognize Scientific Linux as an Enterprise Linux

removed Troy Dawson's GPG key
added CERN's GPG
added EULA

yum-autoupdate has had PRERUN and POSTRUN scripts added for more flexibility

External Repositories for yum
The yum-conf-* packages now require yum-fastestmirror by popular request The new x86_64 adobe repo is now available

mingw32, hivex, openmpi-psm
Removed these packages from the i386 tree as they do not belong in that tree

RHN related tools present in SL6.1 have been removed
rhn-client-tools, rhnlib, rhnsd, rhn-setup-gnome,
subscription-manager, yum-rhn-plugin

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Giovedi 10 Marzo 2011     

Annunciato il rilasciato Scientific Linux 6.0 "Live" edition

Scientific Linux 6.0 LiveCD/DVDs are officially released.
They are available for 32-bit and 64-bit and come with following window managers
LiveMiniCD icewm LiveCD
gnome, icewm LiveDVD
gnome, kde, icewm
Software was added from rpmforge, epel and elrepo (see EXTRA SOFTWARE) to include additional filesystem support (ntfs, reiserfs), more secure network connection (openvpn, vpnc, pptp), and several rescue and filesystem tools (testdisk, dd_rescue, ddrescue, gparted).

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Venerdi 18 Febbraio 2011     

Rilasciato SystemRescueCd 2.0.1, un LiveCD basato sulla distribuzione linux  Gentoo provvisto di una collezione di software per il recupero dati e la riparazione del sistema.

  • Updated standard kernels to (rescuecd + rescue64)
  • Updated alternative kernels to (altker32 + altker64)
  • Updated Memtest86+ floppy disk image to 4.20 (supports Sandy-Bridge + fusion)
  • Updated xorg-server to 1.9.4 (graphical server and drivers)
  • Updated initramfs software (programs involved in the boot process)
  • Upgraded atl1c driver in standard kernel for Atheros AR8151 Gigabit devices
  • Fixed name resolution in the initramfs environment (used for PXE booting)
  • Updated GParted to version 0.8.0

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