Giovedi 07 Giugno 2012

La foundation ha annunciato il rilascio di X11R7.7, release 7.7 di X Window System. Questa release è parte delle celebrazioni per il 25esimo anniversario del rilascio di X Window System version 11, avvenuto il 15 settembre 1987. La prossima release di X11, X11R7.8, sarà disponibile nel 2013.

The X.Org Foundation and the global community of X.Org developers announce the release of X11R7.7 - Release 7.7 of the X Window System, Version 11. This release is the eighth modular release of the X Window System. The next full release will be X11R7.8 and may happen in 2013.

This release is part of our celebration of 25 years of X11, recognizing the 25th anniversary of X Window System Version 11, Release 1 (X11R1) on September 15, 1987. We will continue this celebration later this year at the X.Org Developer Conference, hosted by SuSE in Nürnberg, Germany on September 19-21.

X11R7.7 supports Linux, BSD, Solaris, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows and GNU Hurd systems. It incorporates both new features and stability and correctness fixes, including support for reporting multi-touch events from touchpads and touchscreens which can report input from more than one finger at a time, smoother scrolling from scroll wheels, better cross referencing & formatting of the documentation, pointer barriers to control cursor movement, and synchronization fences to coordinate between X and other rendering engines such as OpenGL.

Download da questa pagina.

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