Mer 22 Dic 2010

Rilasciato Google Chrome Dev 10.0.612.3 per Windows e Mac OS X, e Google Chrome Dev 10.0.612.1 per tutte le piattaforme (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X)

This release fixes several crashes as well as:

All Windows
  • Google Cloud Print sign-in interface is now out from behind a flag and can be found in Under the Hood (Issue 60092)
  • Various minor tweaks to tab overview mode (Issue 50307)
  • 25% less logspew when loading the PDF plugin
  • Sandbox the GPU process (Issue 48607)
  • Experimental popup blocker animation
  • Fix stuck hover state in bookmark button (Issue 27073)
Known Issues
  • There is no space between the Apps- and the Most Visited-Sector (Issue 67073)
  • The expanded Apps-Sector becomes unvisible after clicking on it (Issue 67075)
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