Gio 07 Giu 2012

Rilasciata la prima alpha di Ubuntu 12.10, codename 'Quantal Quetzal'. Note di rilascio disponibili a questa pagina

Linux kernel3.4

Quantal Alpha-1 includes the 3.4.0-5.11 Ubuntu kernel which was based on the final v3.4 upstream Linux kernel. This is an update from the 3.2.0-23.36 Ubuntu kernel which shipped in Precise Pangolin 12.04 and was based on the v3.2 upstream Linux kernel. Other notable changes with the Quantal Alpha-1 kernel include the transitioning of the i386 generic-pae flavor to become the generic flavor offering, collapsing of the virtual flavor back into the generic flavor, and homogenizing the entire linux-meta package. We also see the arrival of a new highbank arm server kernel flavor.


In Quantal Alpha-1, the 4.7 version of GCC is replacing the 4.6 version that was included in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

The default toolchain is now made of: GCC 4.7, binutils 2.22, eglibc 2.15, and Linaro gdb 7.4-2012.04.


For 12.10, we intend to ship only Python 3 with the Ubuntu desktop image, not Python 2. Alpha-1 begins this process, with the installer and some other applications ported to Python 3. There are still quite a few packages left to port, and so Python 2 and 3 are both installed for the time being.

Il download è possibile da questa pagina.

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